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Fall 2014 Issue


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Meteorite magazine is closing down and will not be able to respond to any correspondence received after December 15th 2014.


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A Celebration of 20 years of Meteorite magazine



After 20 years, Meteorite Magazine is Closing Down!

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A Fond Farewell

After publishing for twenty years, Meteorite magazine will close down at the end of this year. 

Hazel and Derek Sears were given the magazine by its founder-editor, Joel Schiff, in 2005.  When illness suddenly struck, Christine Schiff sent out a letter to subscribers announcing the end of the magazine.  Hazel and Derek have managed and published the magazine since then, with a short intermission in 2008.  Initially, Larry and Nancy Lebofsky were the editors, but in 2010 Derek assumed the editorship, with Robert Beauford as co-editor.

Twenty years is a decent amount of time, and we feel that during those twenty years the magazine has performed a service that has been both unique and appreciated.  We have seen some pretty spectacular events, like major new sources of meteorites opening up, several spectacular witnessed falls, and our first close-up glimpse of the parent objects that most of our meteorites are coming from, the asteroids.  We have seen the martian meteorites and the lunar meteorites go from a small handful to major collections in their own right.  At the same time, we have reported on the health of the major collections, and the everyday world of meteorite hunting and collecting.

But in the spirit of being realistic, one has to move with the times.  Hard copy publication gets more difficult every year.  Joel Schiff tells us that the subscription list for Meteorite reached its peak in 2001, and has then dropped continually.  He blamed it on the events of September 2001, but we think it was the juggernaut internet that began to bite into the role of hard copy publication at that time and has increased in appetite ever since.  It is hard to imagine how any quarterly publication, or even a weekly, can compete with the depth, breadth, immediacy and cost of on-line publication, even given the special joy of handling a hard-copy magazine fresh from the printers and the poor quality of a lot of on-line material. 

We have weighed the options for Meteorite magazine, and bearing in mind that we have other exciting projects that necessarily demand our time, we find that it is time for the magazine to close.  We approached about a dozen groups with the capability and in a situation to run the magazine, and they all declined; they were also aware of the times.

It has been a worthwhile project.  Like many niche publications, Meteorite magazine has a very strong hard core of readers and supporters whose loyalty has been faultless.  We hear from them when they write notes with their annual subscriptions or when they call with address changes or queries about delivery.  Just a few days ago, we received a heart-warming note attached to a new subscription saying how much they were disappointed with other sources of meteorite news and how the magazine was recommended to them.  Following closely in loyalty are the columnists who cheerfully send in their regular contributions, tolerating our continual requests for format changes, and always producing a quality product.  Their columns are the favorites of many of our readers.  The associate editors are a fairly recent addition to our editorial office.  On one occasion, when we asked for suggestions for articles to solicit, we had five or six well-discussed and well-deliberated suggestions in one morning and by the end of the day the issue was full.  We have maintained our income from advertisers in the last few years and did discuss, at one point, scrapping subscriptions and relying entirely on advertiser income.  But what the advertisers bring to the magazine is not just the income, but the vote of support that having them in the magazine represents. 

This does not make it any easier to close the magazine but the time is right.  It is time to move on and to say a sincere thank you to everyone involved in this venture.  Before the end of the year, we will reimburse the handful of subscribers who have paid for 2015.  The last issue will be circulated in November and it will be a celebration of all that has gone before during the 20-year life of the magazine.  We will close the magazine with a sense of accomplishment, proud of what we have done and thankful for all the friends we have made.


Derek Sears, Editor

Robert Beauford, Co-Editor

Hazel Sears, Business Manager




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