MeteoriteMag: Granny Maggie’s best home improvement

Are you planning a family reunion or get together to celebrate the holidays?  Inviting someone special over your place soon and want to get it whipped up into sparkling condition before she or he arrives?  You won’t be doing just them a favor, but yourself by looking for reliable roach or bug extermination, emergency generators, and heater techs now before the roads get covered in slush and salt.  Look no further than MeteoriteMag, started by Grandmother Maggie– everybody’s favorite neighborhood granny.  Today, we’ve continued on a great family legacy of bringing stupendous names in local home improvement services for our area.

How do bedbugs invade?

Bed bugs are super duper common.  You can bring them into your house or business from pretty much anywhere.  Even the most swanky Las Vegas hotel could be fostering bedbugs in their mattresses, just waiting for you to invite them over your place.  Because these critters feast on human blood, they have a habit of popping up wherever people are.  They stick around on our clothing or suitcases, then enjoy the journey back home with us, where they’ll burrow into your personal mattress or any cracks where they can fit.  Once the buggers have settled in, actually locating and removing bed bugs can be a real pain without professional help.

MeteoriteMag has connections with the most trusted entomologists with experience handling all sorts of household pests such as cockroaches, termites, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, bedbugs, and many others.  Your household’s safety is a priority for us since we’re a family name, and that’s why we make sure to find exterminator team that sticks to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards.  Let us know at our office if you have any questions about federal and state laws for pesticide applicators.  Our team stays up to date on the latest advancements and are happy to address any concerns you may have.

Power Rentals for Emergency Weather

The power at home or work can go out because of extreme weather conditions such as frozen rain, hail, thunderstorms, and gales of wind.  When that happens, there’s no telling how long it will take the energy company to repair the issue.  With MeteoriteMag:  Maggie Brings Bedbug Removal, Generator Rent & Heat we can swiftly connect you to 24-hour generator rentals that will save you hundreds in potential damages, like refrigerator food loss costs.  We can bring you so many options like event generators, 24/7 emergency generator, and more.

Keep the Heat inside this season

Keep your home well heated for the holiday season with a well-needed tune-up.  HVACs, furnaces, and central air systems need them every year to maximize energy efficiency.  MeteoriteMag has an excellent team of residential heat/cool technicians that offer affordable prices even after hours.  For repairs, replacements, installs, and care we only trust those with certification, insurance, and registration so you can be sure you’ll get a professional customer experience from beginning to end.

Stop putting off those appointments you’ve been meaning to fit in before the bustle of family plans.  Get your home, business, or household ready for great winter fun with MeteoriteMag.  Call us today for free quotations.