About Meteorite Mag

Meteorite Mag was started by our dear Grandmother Maggie many years ago and we still operate with her as our owner! She has been all over the country and has picked up a number of friends who teamed up with her to create a powerful team of exterminators, roofers, and HVAC technicians who are slowly becoming some of the best in the business!

Our Crew

Our exterminators know what to look for when searching for those sometimes life-halting creatures and know how to take care of them at their source. There are a number of different techniques to implement for different pests and our guys have mastered them all.

The same goes for our roofers and HVAC technicians. There isn’t a problem out there that our guys haven’t seen and handled with ease. Don’t waste time and money by trying to handle these problems on your own and let the professionals tackle and solve your problems the first and only time!

Maggie Cares About You!

Maggie genuinely values every client she gets and treats them as if they were her very own grandchildren! You simply won’t find a business owner with this kind of quality customer service. To prove how much Maggie cares, we are happy to provide free estimates for whatever services you are looking for! So whether you have found yourself victim to those pesky and infiltrating bed bugs or a leaky spot in your roof, we will send out the respective professional to your home and see what the best approach would be! We don’t hide behind any fancy business lingo or hidden fees for our services, whatever we quote your evaluation to be will be the bill we hand over when we are done.

We appreciate you taking the time to check us out here at Maggie’s Meteorite Mag and we can’t wait to show you what we can do!